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Hello and salutations!

As you all have guessed, I Draglor: world famous bard, sorcerer, and dragon slayer have been tasked to chronicle this outpost’s adventures throughout Faerun! I surely hope you filed your health papers and maybe last will and testament in with your attendant and housekeeper Janice.

You will enjoy your time in Daggerford, as I have spent many a time or two in the tavern there and it is a lovely and welcoming city and worthy of having one of our many outposts stationed there. Get to know Duchess Morwen. She is in charge of the city and will treat you well if you do well by her. Although don’t be afraid to venture out and see the world too, there is adventure everywhere!

Anything you require is there in your company headquarters and if you need anything from us Legends, you just send out a message and someone will come running.

Deepest regards


Home Page

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